Why Wolves Howl

Between a sentinel of trees, in the deepest of twilight an image lurks down moon lit path. A chill in the air ruffles thick fur. He is alone. Each step leaves paw prints in the dirt as evidence of his presence, under a dangling moon. He finds a knoll. There he sits waiting as time ticks slowly by until the moon, a blood moon, ascends to its highest point in the autumn sky.

When no one listens,
howling wolf calls to another,
as blood moon rises.

Cease listening to instruction, my son,

And you will stray from the words of knowledge.”

Proverbs 19:27
It is a myth that wolves howl at a full moon. They howl to communicate at anytime. It is thought people noticed their howling more during a full moon, because extra light brings people out at nighttime. We do a lot of howling in our house even on moonless nights!


  1. I’ve had a soft spot for wolves since one licked me on the leg through a fence on a school trip to London Zoo when I was a child. I love wolf stories and poems and follow a couple of wolf pages on Facebook. You’ve painted a gorgeous picture of a moon howl, Patricia, that appeals to the senses. I felt the hair stand up on my arms as I read. Sadly, there are no wolves in the wilds of England, so I only get to see and hear them in documentaries.

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    1. We have them in the wild places of Wisconsin. In our travels, with the grandkids , we cross the Wolf River and howl like pups seeking their mama. Obviously, with a last name of Wolf it’s our responsibility to howl. 😂

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  2. A wise post: my dog recently started howling in response to a Husky living down the road. I’d never heard him howl before, full moon or no full moon: communication is at the centre of our worlds.

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  3. This resonates deeply! ❤️ Yes, the wolves howling is a direct way of communicating across long distances. 🙂 I smiled at the last sentence of the process note.

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