About Patricia Wolf


Living in the pines of Wisconsin I enjoy…

  • Watching God’s hand in painting the sky at sunset
  • Reading through the Bible seeking treasures of wisdom
  • Watching my grand-daughter play and develop her creativity
  • Spending time with people who talk about what God is doing in their lives
  • Hiking endless forest paths
  • Planting a seed only to watch it bloom
  • Snowshoeing on a sunny winter day
  • Scrap-booking with my daughter-in-law
  • Meandering Wisconsin’s small towns with my hubby
  • Cooking up something special in the kitchen
  • Musing then putting thoughts on paper
  • Telling others of the love Jesus brought


  1. Patricia, it is odd but I dont seem to have your email address. Wanted to let you know your poem Owl Night will be posted at Poets United at three p.m. central, as our Poem of the Week. I so love it, all full of owls, and thought it a perfect fit for New Year’s Eve. Go take a peek when it posts! And have a great New Year!


  2. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. You’ve got some beautiful stuff going on here. Your photos are gorgeous and your poems are thought-provoking. Keep up the good work!


  3. Third on that list is what I live for. Fifth on the list is what I did live for. Thankfully, #3 is still a huge part of my life.


  4. You have a beautiful blog. I have great respect for those of you who deal with those northern winters! I spent my first 20 yrs. in WV, but have called Va. Beach home for the past 35. Today’s post reminds me that I need to visit the shore. We tend to avoid it during tourist season, and joke that we check once a year to make sure it’s still there. This is akin to a word in due season, I need to GO.


  5. Thanks for responding on my blog. I am never sure if people go back and read my comments so will write here. Does your poet friend in Brazil have a blog? Would love to read some of his inspirational work. Please feel free to pass my information to him as well. Interesting that you work with exchange students. It is a great way to get to know people all over the world. I am fortunate that I also get to do that as we have many visitors and as one of the few English speaking people here, am often called up to give our visitors “the grand tour.” Thanks for sharing a bit more about yourself. One of the fun things about blogging is meeting so many wonderful people. Hugs, pat


  6. So glad you stopped by my blog so I could meet you. Lovely things here to explore. I grew up in a small town in Florida but lived all my adult life in cities in the north. I have been in Brazil as volunteer at an ecological project for nine years and love living on a farm again. Can’t imagine ever living in a city again. I can hardly bear to leave the floresta where I live alone with God and the monkeys! Hugs, pat


    1. Will like to add you as a link and I will be subscribing. We have a mutual friend, Margaret Been, from the Northernreflection Blog. Pray for her, she is going through a lot now. Thanks


  7. Love your writing!

    I found this blog via someone else’s, a lady in SA who’s blog YOU had commented on. Isn’t the world small thanks to the WWW 😉

    Joan in New Zealand


    1. Thank you Joan,

      I must try your Beef Wellington recipe. I think my husband would love it. Your comments were insightful regarding “being a kid”. It is a hard time to be a kid, since it seems to last for such a short time. But as a NaNa to my grand daughter, she has the best of care from many who love her. I think as long as family stays involved, kids will listen as they struggle with what the world has to offer. Stop by again some time…


      1. Oh I laughed at your “WHY” post – must be an age 3 thing, I have a video somewhere of my daughter saying ‘but why?’ to almost everything too – drove me mad!! 😉

        Question everything!

        It’s dawned a frigid rainy day here in New Zealand and I better get busy doing a few chores .. my daughter is coming to dinner after work and bringing her 1-month old piglet with her – I imagine a few new blog postings will easily evolve from this evening’s antics lol

        Have a good weekend when you get there!


  8. Your words: an artistic smorgasbord of sensory delights! Thank you for the spiritual feast, Patti…Ellen


      1. Hey Kaley,

        I did visit your blog yesterday. Thanks for teaching English to Koreans. They make wonderful exchange students: serious about their studies, polite, and good family members. Americans just need to realize not all people groups say what they want before thinking. LOL Have a great day…


  9. What a cute, wonderful, thoughtful, creative, deep feeling woman you are! You sure would be a Blessing to some man!
    (Denis, your husband)


  10. What a beautiful picture:
    I can almost see God smiling at you. You look so content…. I can feel the stillness around you and it makes me feel peaceful :<)


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