Junes’ Song

Before slice of dawn… after throaty bullfrogs croak and birds begin their shrill; there is a parcel of time in which no sounds emerge out in the inky darkness of night. Over shadowy country landscapes, under the veil of bright spring morn there settles an empty, hollow stillness. And some doze, as other stir: ‘boveContinue reading “Junes’ Song”

Darkness Lost Its Place

“Where is the way to the dwelling of light;” which ends of earth caress? Why do you question? Poor tired soul sulks: forlorn, forsaken, fruitless. As pointless days eternal, dawn in dust and ash sleep. Encased by God’s dawning light; during testing… awakens. Rise! I write a quadrille poem, inspired by Job 38:19, for dVerseContinue reading “Darkness Lost Its Place”