A Moment

Sandhill Cranes from a few summers ago… I meander thawing meadow path. My grandson trails behind. Above a sandhill crane soars across muted sky. Mud caked hove prints cover our way. I gaze at my grandson. His eyes filled with wonder, as he freely asks questions. Questions about the nature of life. Trotting on throughContinue reading “A Moment”

Darkness Lost Its Place

“Where is the way to the dwelling of light;” which ends of earth caress? Why do you question? Poor tired soul sulks: forlorn, forsaken, fruitless. As pointless days eternal, dawn in dust and ash sleep. Encased by God’s dawning light; during testing… awakens. Rise! I write a quadrille poem, inspired by Job 38:19, for dVerseContinue reading “Darkness Lost Its Place”