Writer’s History

  A Writer’s Journey

“Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24

Like most writers, developing words into expressions of thought happened sometime in my childhood years. My first memorable poem, Misty Blue, was written for my mother who was the heart of love in our home. Writing was like breathing… a natural reflex.

It wasn’t until my early thirties I embraced the fact I was a writer. Then came the awkward years of sharing my work with other writers and I struggled with opening myself up. I felt like a budding teen all over again, tripping over first-time writer’s mistakes.

For several years, I belonged to a Milwaukee Christian Writer’s Group. There I began using my gift to glorify the Creator of all words, God. I found encouragement and camaraderie with mature writers. My writing grew…

Years of seeking my writer’s voice followed. What should I write? “Write what you know,” came the answer again and again from my new friends. I did just that. I learned to submit stories and to experience rejection. Short essays, devotional stories, children’s fiction, and education pieces emerged those early years.

As my confidence grew, I began publishing chapbooks on my home computer. Kids Can Write was my first master piece. I used it to teach several classes of home educated children. Empty Nest Devotions followed and became a collection of personal stories, Bible based, of the letting-go-years. How to Write a Chapbook bloomed as I became proficient at formatting and design. Though I was involved with different types of writing, poetry was my hidden voice and it would unveil itself during needed support.

While I was home bound with my elderly father, he suffered from Alzheimer’s, I decided to publish. Gathering a list of writers I had been introduced to through the years, a quarterly CHATTELS of the Heart emerged. I published for three years. Poets nationwide, and even international, found our little corner of the world. CHATTELS of the Heart’s focus was on up-lifting poems and devotions with a Creation basis. When the economy spiraled down, I could no longer publish my little rag.

During those publishing years, I sponsored two local Writer’s Conferences. I knew novice writers in need of encouragement and training. I was surrounded by successful writers also. After doing the math, it was an obvious connection. The conference, though a lot of work, went well helping many get started and encouraging others. Writing can be a lonely art.

Lately, I’ve felt the yearning once again to incorporate word play in my day. I started by reorganizing my extensive files of essays, devotions, and poems. I touched based with old writing acquaintances. Finally, I created a blog!

The old question of, “What should I write?” came up again. My blog started as a journal in 2010. Most recently, it has wafted into a poetry blog. That hidden poet’s voice final is center stage. I’ve found some wonderful on-line poetry sites. Many are willing to stop by, enjoy my poems and comment. I’m blessed over and over again as I visit other poet’s blogs.

What does the future hold? Well, from poetry to prose. I started a YA Christian Fiction manuscript in 2010 and recently finished the work. I was so inspired, after my 13 year old granddaughter read it, I started the sequel. The first draft is almost finished in 10 weeks! Amazing what a little encouragement can do.

I am on a self-publishing journey. For now that’s what this blog is all about, except for an occasional peak into my books. Thanks for stopping in…


  1. Hi Patricia,
    I, too, was one of the authors published in Chattels of the Heart. Spring 2003: Butterflies at Our Feet, Winter 2004: That Night in Bethlehem, Winter 2002: Forever Christmas.
    I am now, once again, living in Colorado. Moving back west from Tobyhanna, PA. I just could not stay away from the beauty of the majestic Colorado mountains. I’ve recently started to write again and roaming the hills taking photos of God’s wonderful creation. The LORD has blessed us (my husband, Barry, and myself) with a sensitive and compassionate adult son, lovely daughter-in-law, and two beautiful grandchildren. Zoe, 3 , and Logan, almost 2 months old..such wonderful treasures!!
    It’s my sense that the LORD has found and presented you to me once again. If you would like to reconnect I can be reached via email at : bsmtz2010@hotmail.com.
    Love and blessings,
    Susan Cunningham


    1. I’m a author in chattels of the heart (2004) issue.
      My name is Kathy H Jones and my story was
      “children in Christ”. I lost my only issue, and
      would like another copy. Please Help.


  2. I was one of the writers published in Chattels of the Heart. I still have my copy of the small magazine with my poem in it. I believe it was called “Beyond Dark Shadows”. My name is Jean Richardson from Gloucester, Ontario, Canada.

    If you want to reach me you can email me at jeanrichardson@rogers.com


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