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Do you remember your school years? I’m not talking about the new box of crayons, the smell of books, or even the new clothes your parents bought. Do you recall the new academic elements you struggled with and thought you’d never get a good hold on how they worked? Where did you turn? Of course an older sibling who achieved straight (A’s), your very-best friend who would do anything for you or your favorite teacher who spent time with you after school was out. Someone held your hand, that’s what Reedsy has been for me these last few weeks.

Reedsy has answered many questions for me. Granted I’m a newbie there, but so far I am advancing forward to my end goal of being self-published. What can they provide? Just about everything. In the weeks ahead I’ll cover their services. Does everything cost me something? Not everything, there are several free articles which can help a writer to understand the process of self-publishing. If an author chooses to acquire professional help Reedsy has it. That help comes in a multitude of services. All you need to do is request a service from five professionals out of several, wait for their quotes and pick who fits your needs best. I believe, Reedsy is an endlessly pool of help.

“Our community is home to the best publishing talent on the planet.”


By next month the cover to my book, Jemi’s Noble Quest, will be finished by a Reedsy book cover designer. I connected with her after requesting quotes from five different designers. At first, I was confused which way to go about picking the right fit for me. I prayed. One by one as I reviewed the individuals who I had requested (their bio, samples of their covers and quotes) I decided on the person I felt I could work with the best.

Stay tuned… I’m excited to share more about Reedsy in the weeks ahead. We’re on this adventure together!

Jemi’s Noble Quest

coming soon…

Biblical Fiction Suited for YA and Adult Readers

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