Sneak Peek: Chapter Five

Jemi’s Noble Quest

Whispers of Messiah

Jemi felt a chill. She shivered. It was as if a damp shadow encased her. Frostiness, unlike anything she had known, seized her small frame. Even the chilly mornings of Dor could not match this sensation. The coolness of the recent rain did not come close to this frigid feeling. For the first time ever, fear of the unfamiliar filled Jemi. The air loomed with unknown gloom and darkness dropped about her.

Jemi’s head throbbed with pain. Worry filled her mind stealing away any peace God had for her. Hadn’t she just been walking along the coast of Dor staring out at The Great Sea on her way to collect water? She had hurried to the new well. It had been raining, raining hard. The merchant’s ships had arrived. Rezin asked her to see his camels. What had happened? Where was Dor?

She tried to lift her body from the ground. Pain seemed to flow like blood through her veins. She whimpered. Then with a slight moan prayed, “Dear God, I suffer and need your strength. Please, Lord, fill me with peace as you did for my ancestor Job.”

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