Beneath the Moon

Beneath the summer moon,
hidden bats fill empty street.
Flap their leathery wings, meet
the darken shadows in twilight.

Silent flight, soar without tune
as inky blackness settles land.
Silhouette of massive trees stand
crowded limbs gather in my sight;

Swooping in circles tightly hewn
by brazen bat’s erratic moves;
their signature etched grooves
in hushed moonlit summer night.

Hope is not a message strewn
by bat who rules the evening sky
or milky moon which shines on high;
it’s God who designed bat at flight!

It is He who made the summer moon,
the music, melody and nature’s tune.
With speech the earth was first hewn
and stars across the universe strewn.

God placed bat’s wings at twilight,
to gather at His will, before His sight.
He reveals hidden things of night;
and waits for men’s souls to take flight.

“He reveals the deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him.”

Daniel 2:22
It’s been a dark time around the world. Like the bat, COVID seemed to creep up on the souls of men. It has etched in our lives change. Some from loss and others in remembering the laughter of loved ones.

A year later we continue to remember…

P. Wolf, Poet & Author of Jemi’s Noble Quest


  1. I loved reading this. Am so impressed at your combination of photo and words. Both are lovely and speak to the darkness in which we dwell, while light creeps in always.


  2. You’ve captured the darkness of covid times very poignantly here with the imagery of bats. I love ‘He reveals hidden things of night;’ – we are seeing the dark side, but I am sure there is light to follow.


  3. I like the bat metaphor very much, Patti, especially as the pandemic has been blamed on bats (among other animals) sold as food on the Chinese wet markets. But we can’t blame the bats. I love the image in the opening stanza, which makes them seem like secrets creeping up on us. In the second stanza, you seem to compare bats with birds, how they ‘soar without tune’ and in the third I love the ‘signature etched grooves’.


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