Spring Hope

If I could paint a landscape of spring,
to reveal the magic it can truly bring,
it would be of forsythia’s brilliant show
where yellow blooms abundantly grow!
Of a carpet of green after months of tan;
cool, curly blades of grass, budding leaf,
and new flower bulbs deep in dirty sand.
Warmth in the fresh air as if to know
its lifeblood helps makes all things flow.
A-flight are flocks of birds which sing,
soar skies; oversees them as does a king.

If I could capture the blessings of spring,
of a life lived in Christ and what it brings;
it could take weeks or years to show,
it would be glorious with fruits that grow,
it would reflect on Jesus Christ the man,
it would not be freed from trials or grief,
though it is difficult to understand or know.
There’s a godly peace that comes to flow;
even in sorrow one can hope and sing
praises to our returning Creator and King!

P. Wolf; poet & author

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  1. krishna says:

    beautiful lines


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