Book Release: Second Book in the “I Am the Light” series

In an adventure, not soon to be forgotten, Jacob makes a spiritual journey into manhood as we travel with him in “Jacob’s Narrow Journey”. This is the sequel and second book in the “I Am the Light” series. It reveals the continued saga of life which is centered during early New Testament times. The story unveils a sincere scenario of the hardships, joys and even a bit of true love.

Jacob’s bloodline filters down from the Biblical character of Job. Jacob’s mother, Jemi, has kept their heritage alive with recounted tales. A shadow of her earlier adventures, from the first book in this series, “Jemi’s Nobel Quest”, builds on the continued foundation for her family.

Travel with Jacob’s family as they are uprooted. The reader will journey from the Great Sea, through the desert and end at the Sea of Galilee. During their travels they will meet all types of controversy. Each storm of life will touch them in different ways.

“Jacob’s Narrow Journey” reveals that the true journey is not through the desert sands, but rather the personal wilderness that we all encounter. Pilgrimages can serve to instill a true peace which we all can encounter in a growing relationship with God.

Scenes from “Jacob’s Narrow Journey
“I Am the Light”series
  • Jemi’s Noble Quest
  • Jacob’s Narrow Journey
  • Ruth’s Empty Road (TBA)
Jacob’s Narrow Journey: Calling of Messiah available on Amazon

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