Monday: Disappointment

Recently, my husband, two grandchildren and myself went on a mini vacation. The ride up was wonderful. We lingered at a park along Winnebago Lake, hiked rough paths at High Cliff Park and had a yummy lunch at, of course, D. Q. in a little town that claims to be “The Home of the Hamburger”!

A drive which should have taken two and a half hours turned into over five hours. My husband and I always say that it is the journey which is the best part of the trip. Our ride up was definitely promising us a great time away.

We had plans for the next several days. Visiting Eclair Falls, Shawano Beach or that HUGE candy store further north. Again it was the drive we were looking forward to. All the brilliant fall colors just waiting to be viewed.

Once we arrived at our first day’s location, it was obvious some of what we had hoped for wasn’t going to happen. Tree color had passed. The leaves had gathered on the wet ground. Yep, it had started to rain.

At least we had the next few days to visit the falls, beach shore and candy store! The second morning it was still raining, one of the grandkids came down with an aggressive cold and I had an allergy reaction which left me in a lot of pain.

We cut our time away to a few day. Instead of traveling more we now lingered at our home base. Worked, played, talked and listened to our grandkids. We shared how awesome God is despite disappointment. And how even though the physical world is damaged, we can still enjoy spiritual places with God.

My heart goes out to those who have needed to make difficult choices this past week regarding employment, due to the physical circumstances of our world. Especially, those in the medical field. Thank you for your service. May God direct your paths. May you find spiritual peace in a fallen world.

This world is also groaning for its new beginning. Even Creation knows there is a decline. Just ask my dog, who on the ride home ended up with his own allergic reaction which turned into a staff infection.

It has been an interesting few days. But you know what? God is still in control and just wants us to rely on Him despite out outward circumstances 💕

P. Wolf, author & poet

My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:26

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