The Sky

He is not here: for He is risen…

Matthew 28:6a

LOOK there in the sky;
soaring so very high…
hawk is slowly circling
watch him soar open sky.

SEE below… the cross!
People gathered like moss;
hawk is slowly circling
around the wooden cross.

WHY did He need to die?
It make so many cry…
hawk is slowly circling;
a part of us too will die.

DID I put Him there?
My sins He did bare;
hawk is slowly circling.
Children gaze up there!

NOW, they take Him down;
tears falling to the ground.
Hawk is slowly circling,
as the rain tumbles down.

TODAY He is risen;
broke sin’s eternal prison.
Hawk is no longer circling;
to heaven Jesus has risen!

It’s hard not to be reminded of Jesus victory on Easter at this time of the year when we celebrate His birth. P. Wolf

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