Monday: Sunset

They who dwell at the ends of the earth stand in awe of Your signs; You make the sunrise and the sunset shout for joy.

Psalm 65:8

There are few things to appreciate during the month of chilly January in Wisconsin. When wind chills are below zero and with snow piling up it’s hard to remain positive. Yet, I have found pleasure in January’s gorgeous sunsets. A snow white canvas compliments the early evening splash of color. Despite dreary January’s frosty days, the warm sky brings pleasure if only for a few minutes.

Trials in life resemble fidget January; bleak and harsh as time trickles by. It’s easy for feelings of hopelessness to over-take joy. Loneliness can creep in one’s life leaving a feeling of great defeat. Is there nothing promising during the trials of life?

Psalm 65 was written by David. It may have been a song of praise written during a drought. Also, there is information that claims it was sung later by the people coming out of captivity. I’m sure it has a rich history of praise to God through time

Near the beginning of the Psalm it says, “You who listen to prayer, all people will come to You.” Nothing has changed through the years. If heartache has found a corner of your life, remember God is available. He listens to the cry of those who love Him and have a desire to obey His laws. 

It is said after the storm comes a rainbow. Consider before the darkness a sunset strikes the sky and night breaks way to morning’s sunrise.

P. Wolf

A mouth open in unceasing prayer will result in open eyes that see faith clearly, so pray in the darkness, even if there seems to be no hope of light. When God, who is light, moves a poor sinner to plead and cry out with the commitment to continue until the blessing comes, he doesn’t even consider disregarding that poor crying heart. Perseverance in prayer is a sure sign that the day of opening the eyes of the blind is near.

Spurgeon quote from “Life in Christ”

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