Dusty roads are paved with good intentions,
weary travelers seek a glimpse of freedom;
from day-in and day-out responsibilities.
Yet, in the midst of travel does one see
the common things which light our way?
Or is it the spectacular that is sought?

Periwinkle blue chicory line the roadside
as sleek crickets prepare their summer
encore using stringed instruments galore!
The air is filled with scents of weedy wonder enhance the upcoming performance early on.
Fall is around the corner, winking an eye.

Multiple petals build chicory’s flower head,
layered with a fine tooth-combed edge;
sturdy on woody stem as cars wiz by.
They watch busy travelers passing quickly
all the time wondering why their charm
is ignored as summer’s sunny day slips by.

I think the brilliant blue chicory is lovely
lining the country roadside, as summer
begins to blush, bringing a burst of color
to an otherwise dreary gravel shoulder.
Sometimes the simple things in our day
can bring the greatest elements of joy.

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