Changing of Fall

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8

Wren has long gone, inky darkness veils
morn as cars rumble and fumble in the
thick cold air; I miss wren’s sweet song.

Stillness hangs in trees, as machines
replace the melody of birds long gone
south while I linger as seasons change.

Once again autumn comes in all array 
to lend a splendid show; sweet with color.
Yet, I miss wren’s early morning song.

Long black mornings moan loss, a duet
I understand for one clear voice is my.
Crisp air ushers in my thinly opened window.

For moments, I stretch to recall the cheery
song when sun shown bright at fading night.
I resolve, I will miss wren’s song till spring.

I am reminded that all doesn’t change;
for One whom seasons dutifully obey
is constant, ceaseless and continual!

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