Monday: On Frozen Pond

A year ago this pond was dry. Most of the wild life found new homes. After a year with plentiful rain, it is full to the brim. It’s amazing what a good year of rain can accomplish.

During winter months, small troops of deer stop to visit as they gracefully skate across the stiff water looking for a mouthful of grass. A solitary fox strolls along the bushy edge looking for his lunch or a place to make a den. For the most part, the pond lies still as the winter allows brittle grass to tinkle and glitter on sunny days.

The pond is ever changing. Come March elegant cranes will dabble in fresh cracks of water. There they’ll find spring peepers endlessly calling for a mate. One morning, several pairs of geese will attempt to claim pond’s rights for nesting. As the big birds argue, small ducks will have already laid their eggs. Only thin layers of ice will remain, as the March thaw begins.

I wonder if our spiritual life faces change. Is it stiff and frozen or flourishing as a spring pond. As I see strings of new life grow in my marshy pond, my hope is to see new life in my spiritual walk. My prayer is that you too are flourishing in your relationship with God.

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