Great Books

Some spiritual based fiction worth your time.

By Broken Birch Bay

“Set in the early twentieth century, single mother, Petra Livingston, and her young son, Jefferson, have come home to Broken Birch Bay, Minnesota braving the town gossips over her sordid past.”

Author Jenny has masterpiece another amazing story. You never can go wrong with her stories, that captivate your attention with heartfelt stories that are entwined with love, family unity, family bond, mystery, suspense and a full group of strong characters. -Lizeth

The Traveling Prayer Shawl

“Cami Madison’s grandmother died, leaving her with a task she must complete or all the inheritance goes to charity. Plus her boss handed her the ad campaign that will win her the coveted vice presidency opening.”

I don’t have words to describe how good this book was. It will touch your heart and soul. It is full of emotions and God’s love and grace. This book is a *must read* for anybody that likes Christian fiction. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars! -Ann

Biltmore Girl

“New York City, 1968. Elka Hansen, a former teen cover girl, is done with modeling. Now she’s a hostess for the Palm Court restaurant in the beautiful Biltmore Hotel. As she sees it, Elka’s other job is to watch out for her younger sister, Colleen, an idealistic but reckless college student at Barnard.”

What a wonderfully engaging story! Characters you want to know, a plot line that keeps you turning pages, and descriptions of the setting that make you feel like you’re there! Bravo! -Elizabeth

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