Jemi’s Noble Quest (Kindle e-book sale)

Kindle Countdown Sale January 9 – January 16

Little is known about The Intertestamental Period, the long years between the Old Testament and New Testament, when God was quiet toward man. Four hundred years slipped by slowly and still no word from God. The Israelites continued their daily routines, often forgetting about the God who brought them out of bondage. Jemi is a young female who is living during this time. Her adventurous spirit can be overwhelming to those around her and even to herself. Jemi is hidden in the busy fishing village of Dor located along the Great Sea. Day in and day out, she keeps busy with woman’s laborious work. But Jemi yearns for more out of her life. For years during her childhood, she listened to the great stories of Job’s sorrowful but rewarding life. Jemi spends her days dreaming of ancient creatures; Behemoth with his bronze stature and Leviathan from the depths of the sea. She is ready for a journey. However, Jemi will experience things unbelievable along the way of her noble quest. During Jemi’s adventures her character qualities of strength, stamina and spirituality will emerge. The wonderful transformation could only come from a higher source, God. Time and time again, Jemi will struggle and fail. Yet in the end, her heart is drawn to the memories of an ancestor who showed fortitude in the most extreme circumstances. Come meet Jemi as she travels back in time. Weep and cry with her as she discovers her inner spiritual abilities which are available as she trusts God. Jemi’s noble quest will not easily be forgotten, as this young woman seeks the meaning to her life.

About a 50% savings on Amazon (regular $9.99, sale $4.99)

Comments from my readers:

Well written

It kept my interest

I can’t wait for the sequel

For ages 13 and up

It’s a really good book

Thank you all for your encouragement. Book two is well on its way. New readers are always welcome!

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