Jemi’s Home In Dor

Images of Life in Dor from the book Jemi’s Noble Quest

Finally, the last meal of the day would be served. Fathers and sons all over the village would make plans for the next day. They would check fishing tools, mend nets and talk of the largest catch of the day. Here is where Jemi felt sadness for her father because he had no sons to help with the labor or to talk with him regarding men’s affairs.

Jemi’s Noble Quest

Houses in Dor during this time we’re very much like the diagram above. Extra living space was available on the flat roof. The family had no animals, since Jemi’s father was a fisherman.

Once everyone was at the table, Jemi’s father gave the blessing for the food. “ God of our Father Abraham and Job, we ask Your blessings upon this meal. We ask for strength for another day and wisdom for the next.”

Jemi’s Noble Quest

The table in this photo is not what I envisioned as I wrote Jemi’s Noble Quest. It would have been high enough for a wooden chair and benches to fit under it. It was the conversation place where decisions were made. More importantly, where things of God we’re taught. The simplicity of the room does capture the time period of Dor during the Intertestamental Period. This was when God was silent to His people. It is often referred to as, “the four hundred silent years”.

The wind caught her crimson shawl dropping it to the dusty ground while water sprinkled from the jar she carried atop her head.

Jemi’s Noble Quest

Jemi’s shawl was made of the finest wool unlike the fiber above. It was hand dyed by her deceased mother whose artistic ability was well known on the streets of Dor.

Jemi walked toward the outdoor oven and placed the saucer of dough next to an earthen oven which sat low to the ground.

Jemi’s Noble Quest

I know some grumble and complaint about cooking today. I can’t imagine what it was like to cook during this time period. Life was simple, so I assume meals were simple too.

This was just a small glimpse in Jemi’s world. Each weekend I hope to share more of Jemi’s quest through photos similar to the book, Jemi’s Noble Quest, available on Amazon. Thanks for stopping in…

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