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“Jacob’s Narrow Journey” is the sequel to “Jemi’s Noble Quest”. Both books are part of the I Am the Light series. It will be released later this year. If you haven’t had the time to read the first book, perhaps it can be added to you summer reading program.

Jacob’s Narrow Journey is a story of loss and hope. The story is set back two thousand years. The reader will join Jemi, Rezin and Jacob as they venture through the Jezreel and Jordan valleys. What are they searching for? That is something you’ll need to take the time to read!

Kenziah stepped toward Jemi, “You have been ready for this day since Rezin brought you out from the desert. We all thought you had died. Not Rezin he searched for you until he found you.” Kenziah fixed the veil about Jemi’s face. “You will grow in love together as long as you seek God’s wisdom. Your bridegroom has arrived. It’s time…”

chapter one

So much death had filled the streets of Dor. Many large graves were dug to bury the dead bodies which were stacked atop each other. There were no processions, no wailers or doleful music being played. The stench of rotting corpse filed the air which once had been perfumed with delicious spices.

chapter four

Jacob looked out at the storm and then glanced at Abigail. He saw panic in her eyes. Though he dreaded their present state, something inside emerged. A peace washed over him. Then a great desire surfaced to shield her from the roaring wind and scattering sands. A tinge of guilt settled in his heart. He had been nasty to her these past few weeks. Jacob’s crude behavior had built a wall between them and his parents. Just as he was about to offer her shelter, Abigail moved closer to Rezin and Jemi. His father gathered her next to his mother and secured his strong arms around both of them. Jacob sat alone. The spark of resentment which had almost been defused flared up into a raging storm of its own.

chapter seven
Jemi’s Noble Quest is available on Amazon P. Wolf; poet & author


  1. Jemi Enns says:

    My name is Jemima/Jemi. I was visiting my parents in West Bend and saw the article in the Washington Post about ‘Jemi’s Noble Quest.’ As a lover of Christian historical fiction I had to drive to Faith and Giggles and get a copy. I just started reading the book and am excited to finish it.


    1. wolfsrosebud says:

      Glad you connected with my book. Book two will be released this summer. Cool your name is Jemi.


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