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I’m your host, Patti Wolf, for Christian Flash Fiction. Each Wednesday the porthole opens up with a new prompt. This week we are strolling through open fields. Don’t be shy, stop in and leave your contact (direct URL) information in the comment section. Have fun with it!

Your Prompt for Week 4

“The pastures are clothed with flocks;
The valleys also are covered with grain” Psalm 65:13

A Few Rules:

  • Be creative with your 144 words or less not including your title
  • Include the prompt in quotes
  • Take time to read other posts
  • Make sure to use the whole quote
  • Play nice, try to encourage not tear down
  • This is a weekly prompt which has a weekly limit
  • In the comment box add your name and enter the direct URL to your answer to the prompt
  • On your blog, please provide a link back to Christian Flash Fiction. So others can be blessed
Open Fields

‘The pastures are clothed with flocks’, but in our case they are just speckled with wild flowers,” Carol smiled.

“Nana Carol, what are they doing in that field?”

“They are harvesting ‘the valleys are covered with grain.’” 


“Decades ago farmers would work together during harvest time. Picking, cutting and storing fruits from the earth. When it was over there would be a hoedown.”

“What’s a hoedown?”

“It’s a big picnic with food and dancing.”

“No playing?” Nick scowled.

“Of course they played. Now neighbors have little time for each other.” 

“Hello,” said Nick to an elderly man.

“Morning, I see you’re out for a walk.”

“Yep, we saw a harvester.”

“Oh, I remember the days I drove a harvester.”


The man looked at Carol, “Would you care to come sit for awhile?”

“What do you think, Nick?”

“It’s a great idea!” Nick smiled.

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