Murmuration Monday

free photo credit of a murmuration

As a writer, I am always observing. Yesterday morning was no exception. A couple hundred blackbird flew overhead, in the sky, as I was walking my dog. This is my second encounter with a murmuration. It’s a surreal moment in time. Unfortunately, I did not have my cell phone on me to snap a photo. By the time I went back to the house to get it, the moment was over.

What moments will you miss this week? Are you in touch with the Spirit’s leading? If not, dig into the Bible and reconnect with Abba , Father!

Too Late Only Empty Skies

Teach me to do Your will, For You are my God; Your Spirit is good. Lead me in the land of uprightness

Psalm 143:10

Although Starlings are not the only birds that do it, a murmuration is a term more specifically used for starling flocks. Starlings use murmuration to confuse predators and to keep warm. Most other birds “flock together” to travel long distances and flocking reduces their energy expenditure


  1. dbljkl314 says:

    Patti, Thanks for the information on murmuration. I have seen it before but never realized there was a name for it. Blessings to you and Denis, Doug


    1. wolfsrosebud says:

      Isn’t it cool? The first time I was walking in the middle of a stand of trees. That was a few years back. They would take flight after resting in the tree tops as another group of dozens land after the first. It seemed to last forever!


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