Christian Flash Fiction Week 6 Prompt

I’m Patti Wolf your host at Christian Flash Fiction. We are into a second month of scribbling spiritual sand through fiction. If you’re a reader, enjoy! If you’re a writer, please join us.

Have you ever felt you have compromised what you believe in from the Word of God? Maybe dark shadows hide your light? That can happen when we are not being true to God. Let the quote below from the book of Romans be your guide in our next prompt.

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Your Prompt for Week is from Romans 13:12

The night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of light

Romans 13:12

A Few Rules:

  • Be creative with your 200 words or less not including your title
  • Include the prompt in quotes
  • Take time to read other posts
  • Make sure to use the whole quote somewhere in your story
  • Play nice, try to encourage not tear down
  • This is a weekly prompt which has a weekly limit
  • In the comment box add your name and enter the direct URL to your answer to the prompt
  • On your blog, please provide a link back to Christian Flash Fiction. So others can be blessed

The Darkness of Conviction

It was late and I was finishing the dirty dishes. As I looked out the dark window a strange feeling overwhelmed me.

“Lord, ‘the night is far spent’. How long before ‘the day is at hand?’”

Work had been hard. There are things a follower of Christ just can’t do. My struggle was justified. I needed this job. How could I wake up another day and walk in the Light?

The last sermon at church had brought conviction. ‘Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness!’ My pastor’s words dug deep in my weary heart.

I thought there is no room for compromise.

The last of the dishes clanged as I stacked them. A tower of plates, bowls and cups balanced awkwardly. They teetered as I placed the last plate atop the rest. I adjusted the items so I could put a pan over everything.

I stared at the overloaded strainer. My compromises at work had piled up like dirty dishes. Something needed to be done. I knew what it was. ‘And let us put on the armor of light.’

I smiled. A tower of dishes and a metal pan taught me a lesson. Tomorrow I would walk in the light of Christ.

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