Monday: Happy Labor Day!

One early morning last week, as a slice of light roused the darkness of night, I listened to a sleepy old owl hooting his droning call. 

It was lovely.

Early morning has always been a treasured time for me. There seems to be a stillness settled on the earth. Well, until the crafty crow craws. 

I don’t sit sipping coffee on the back porch. Nor do I run around accomplishing tasks. I linger, still in bed, writing or reading. My favorite read, you guessed it, God’s Word.

Is it easy to dive into the Bible at the break of dawn? No, sometimes I need to just ‘do it’ as I am aroused from my sleep. Almost always alertness follows, even with excitement, as God teaches me something new.

In the morning’s stillness, my mind is like a sponge sopping up all it can. Clutter from the day hasn’t crowded my thoughts. Maybe this is a picture of being still before God.

May each new morning bring you a yearning for the Word of God!

P. Wolf, author of the “I Am the Light” series

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