Newly Released Kid’s Book

“Seriously, A Splash“, the second book in the early children’s chapter book readers series “Alexis Ann’s Amazing Adventures”!

Just in time for Christmas! The second book of “Alexis Ann’s Amazing Adventures”, “Seriously, A Splash”, is now available. This story tells of fishy tale, brings more adventure and reveals lessons well learned. Seriously, your early reader will enjoy this new book of “Alexis Ann’s Amazing Adventures”!

I had such fun writing the second book in “Alexis Ann’s Amazing Adventures”. It’s a summer story of adventure, cousins and friends. Early readers will want to continue turning the pages as they are learning life lessons.

The story includes the great adventures of Jonah from the Bible and the struggles he faced as he ran away from God. Day to day life can be exciting when wisdom is gleaned from the Word of God!

I hope your child will be thrilled with this new addition of “Seriously, A Splash!” as they travel a journey of obedience and repentance. Alexis would say, “Tata!”

P. Wolf; children’s author

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