Monday: Can be Hard

Rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer,

Romans 12:12

It’s hard to take another week of windchills in minus figures. Who even wants to get out of bed? Where is the motivation?

I can handle the shrinking snow. Maybe even welcomed the fluffy few inches which settles in the trees until the sun heats things up and the dripping start. Ask the maple tees; it’s almost syrup time.

As one ponders the last of remaining days of winter, in theory twenty days left, I can’t help but think of the Ukraine. I read there are at least 3,000 churches laboring in sharing Christ in a nation under siege.

A month ago life was normal in the Ukraine; not much different than life here in the states. Children attended local schools and adults commuted to work. Families went grocery shopping and churches fed people spiritual food. There were get togethers, children sporting events, birthday parties and weekends to relax. Life was normal.

As of a week ago, that all changed for the people of Ukraine. Many are fleeing and leaving most of the belongings behind. They are saying goodbye to family and friends whom they may never see again. I know the world has seen this too many times in my lifetime.

We housed a student whose family was part of a genocide. His family started a new life in France. His father was wealthy. Far too many others were not as fortunate. The world can be a difficult place to live.

As we go about complaining about trivial things this week (like winter) remember those who are truly suffering; pray for them and the churches ministering as servants of Jesus Christ.

P. Wolf

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