Monday: Clinging

For You have been my help, And in the shadow of Your wings I sing for joy. My soul clings to You; Your right hand takes hold of me.”

Psalm 63:8-9

I saw oak leaves clinging tightly to their branches. The crisp, cinnamon colors are distinct in the March breeze. Oaks have spirally arranged leaves. Their flowers are called catkins and bear fruit, acorns. The acorns contain tannic acid which guards the tree from fungus and insects. Every part of the tree has a purpose.

I was working with plastic wrap. It too is supposed to cling. It’s an item which, if used correctly, can preserve food items. Although, it is used for many things. Wrap it around a ball of clay to keep it from drying out. Press it atop a bottle of glue to keep the glue fresh. I am even told it can fix drafty windows. However, for me, if seems to cling best to itself.

If I were an oak leaf I would cling tightly to the vines which brought forth my abundant life. As a piece of plastic wrap I may have a multitude of tasks I could accomplish. But most likely, I would choose to cling to myself more than anything else. I believe there is no real choice between the two.

What are we clinging to on this new Monday? Are we helping ourselves to work things out in multiple ways? Or are we hiding in the shadow of God’s wings, His presence, singing for joy and clinging to Him?

Lord, help my soul cling to You, not to the things of this world.

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