Monday: Slowly Comes Spring

Credit free art

You set all the boundaries of the earth; You made the summer and winter.

Psalm 74:17

Spring is slowly waltzing in down Wisconsin’s country roads and busy city streets. The snow came and went yesterday leaving pockets of dripping snow upon the ground. They look like scars from old acne groaning to be smooth again. Branches are adorn with drops of frozen water. Confused, whether to melt or turn to ice. We are between the seasons.

The sun is out this morning (Sunday). It makes everything glisten, and becomes a mirror to look through with fresh eyes. The air is filled with sounds of spring. Crows announce their presence, cardinals sing their mating call, mourning doves are grieved over the cold, and robins nestle in any warm place that can be found. It is the woodpecker who is at his diligent work. Taping, tapping, tapping, until he finds his food.

It’s a lazy spring in Wisconsin. One can feel the tug of the seasons battling between who will win. I often wonder if our faith is like that. Our moments of devotion and then those of turning our backs towards what we know is right. Even our morning devotional seem to melt away as the things of the world enter in. I can’t help but cheer for spring to truly come in all its glorious beauty. Whereas, I would love to cheer on each morning with time spent in the Word of God. Knowing that each day is more difficult without hearing what He has to say.

Shall we be like the diligent woodpecker seeking spiritual food from the Word of God?

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