Monday: Little Things

… that you are to be renewed in the spirit of your minds, and to put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth.

Ephesians 4:23-24

Sometimes it’s the little things in life which bring the most pleasure. I was watering the flower garden when I made a discovery. All summer I had been waiting to collect caterpillars off the wild milkweed growing in my flower bed. Week after week went by, with no caterpillar discovery. Then almost by accident, I saw them. Really, it was exciting. I can hardly wait to share them with my grandkids.

What’s so exciting about a monarch caterpillar?

Perhaps, it’s the memories of when my boys collected them in a ten gallon fish tank as children. One year, they raised several in their makeshift habitat. Or maybe it’s one of the miracles God has blessed us with from His creation. Perhaps, it’s the reminder that change can happen to anyone willing to allow the process. Or maybe it’s all the above.

Raising a monarch caterpillar is no easy task. Daily milkweed leaves need to be collected for their feeding needs. For weeks, the small caterpillars nibble and grow. Waiting is a constant element during the process. Then one day, their eating habits are over and it’s time for rest. More waiting. Another few weeks go by as they hang and I wait. Finally, the chrysalis begins to turn a smoky grey. Now, it’ll only be a few days before the birth of a monarch butterfly!

It wasn’t until a year ago I actually saw the transformation happen of the butterfly breaking through their confinement and slowly unfurling its wings to dry. I usually miss it by minutes. I guess I’m not good at waiting. The work isn’t finished yet. A few fresh flowers in the bug box and a small saucer of sugar water will help the butterfly grow in strength. Then it’s off with the lid and finally freedom.

I think spiritual change is so much more fulfilling to watch than even the monarch butterfly. Especially, in the life of a young believer who for the first time sees the truth regarding why Jesus surrendered His life for mankind. I know there are those who are unable to grasp the simplicity of Someone willing to take on the sin of the world, but it happened and is available for any to receive.

Change isn’t always easy. Just ask the monarch butterfly.

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