“Let Them Rise” advanced readers needed

I am looking for “advanced readers” to review my book, Let them Rise, which is an early chapter book for young readers. These people will receives a free copy of my book (PDF, MOBI or EPUB in exchange for leaving an honest book review (on Amazon, Bookbub and/or Goodreads). Leave your contact information below or MS me. Your free copy should be available by the end of September. The book is only 93 pages and an easy read.

Description of the book:

Autumn has arrived, and it’s Alexis Ann’s favorite time of the year! Visit a pumpkin patch with her and experience the spooky scarecrow. Sit on a tire swing under early falling leaves and feel the freedom of flight. As the first frost arrives, so do her sad memories.  Will this new challenge be too difficult for her? 

Let Them Rise takes the reader back to the time Jesus lived. This was a period where His disciples had the spiritual gift of healing. From the story of Tabitha to the raising of Lazarus, Alexis will read of God’s great powers to heal.

This is the last book of the series Alexis Ann’s Amazing Adventures. Alexis’s new adventure will take her to an unusual place; the battle with loss in her life. Victory over grief will come from a loving God and bring her “joy in the morning”.

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