54-40 or Fight, A Real Battle

No matter the amount of planning, if one doesn’t have the skills or equipment to accomplish a quilt challenge, there is a way to participate and enjoy a finished project. Above is my take on 54-40 Fight; believe me I fought every inch of this challenge.

The challenge was to use elements from a traditional block designed in a past time of our history. The block is called the 54-40 or Flight.

Here is a quote, “It’s about land acquisition, and in the 1840s many suggested the northern edge of Oregon should be drawn at the 54°40′ north line of latitude. And they were willing to go to war to make that happen. “Fifty-four Forty or Fight!” After much negotiation (but no war), eventually, the 49th parallel instead become the US-Canada border, and the phrase lives on only in history books and quilt blocks.”

This is the block. We were to use the pattern or historical event to capture the spirit of the block.
My snowman fabric represented the Canadian boarder, the Stars and Stripes the US and the shiny fabric the snows of the north.

Thank you Persimon Dreams

Check out https://kimlapacek.com/2023/01/14-3-54-40-or-fight-challenge-3-of-project-quilting-season-14.html

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  1. Kim Lapacek says:

    it’s perfect! Great interpretation!


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