Monday’s: Asters

You are my hiding place and my shield;
I hope in Your word.

Psalm 119:114

As September has long faded from this year’s calendar, it’s birthday flower symbol the aster, still lingers along the sides of country roads. Frost after frost has tainted other foliage, yet the aster lingers.

Purple asters symbolize wisdom and royalty and are the most popular color seen in the aster family. The word “aster” comes from the Greek word for “star”; for it’s flower petals are arranged in a star-like fashion. They are a striking flower with bright yellow centers surrounded by deep, rich purple petals.

Many cultures have tales to tell of the “star” blooms. My favorite was from a story told in France when bouquets of asters were placed on the graves of fallen soldiers. They were a representation of a wish that the battle had had a different outcome. Too often we all have that hope when we battle our own trials; that the outcome has been different.

Whatever your hope is today, may you seek wisdom from God and find safety in Him.

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