Monday: Rosalia

My Grandma & me in 1954

He will not allow your foot to slip;
He who keeps you will not slumber.

Psalms 121:3

With the holidays in full swing it’s easy to think of family. Generations are drawn together to celebrate and renew their relationships. My grandmother came to mind; I remember very little of her. When an ancestry notification came the other day, it had me thinking.

Rosalia was a character, from the stories I’ve heard. Tossing items out an open window from a second story in order to purge a room or sawing a doweling of a chair to save a grandchild’s trapped head, were two amusing tales told. But as I viewed the time-line of her life, I knew there must have been more to this courageous lady.

At the age of 22, on a warm June day WWI began in 1914 while Rosalia considered married life, and prayed God would grant her direction. Four years later, after giving birth to two children, the Influenza pandemic occurred in 1918 taking the lives of many. Life continued as Rosalia gave birth to three more children. One child was blind and deaf needing daily care at home. At times, she wondered if God heard her prayers. Then in 1929 the Great Depression came and brought even more sorrow. Yet, she prayed asking God to strengthen her little family. At the age of 48, the second WW began in 1939 and Rosalia would say farewell to her only son, for several years, as he was sent to Europe. In just twenty-six years, Rosalia lived a lifetime of challenges with God at her side.

Whatever you are dealing with today, know God waits for you to come to Him.

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